Start Up Advice

We have just launched a new range of products, services and training aimed at a new company or solo entrepreneur.
These are priced very aggressively to be of maximum value to cash-tight individuals taking their first steps.
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Start Me Up!

Being successful on social media is hard work. You could use a trial and error approach, but you don't have time to waste. We can help you manage your online profiles in a logical, focused way. We can show you how to use Buffer, or manage your social world on your behalf. We will show you the way.

Blogger in a Box

Blogger in a Box provides you with your own professional blogging platform for one year. It is a business-grade site hosted on, with your own domain name and lots of other tools and advice. After 1 year, you can carry on alone, or we can continue to provide help and support.

Private & Secure

With all the hacks and leaks in the news at the moment, it's a good time to make sure your business information is safe online. You need to protect your documents and emails, and your information on Facebook. We show you the way, and provide a free checkup service.