The Tragedy of George Blake

George Blake was convicted of five charges relating to the Offical Secrets Act and sentenced to an incredible 42 years in Wormwood Scrubs prison, London. His sentence appalled fellow inmates, and even prison officers. He escaped all the way to Moscow after serving four years. We believe he was harshly treated.

The Deceit of Five Eyes

On recent tours, I have found Five Eyes coming up more often. It proves to be a subject that many of you know something about already, and there is increasing media coverage over the moral hazard represented by the system. So let's properly investigate it now.

Podcast: Sir Maurice Oldfield

In the first few episodes we look behind the names of a few of our most famous spies. We didn’t want to start with Kim Philby or the Cambridge Five. They will have their day. We start today with Sir Maurice Oldfield, C himself.